Cherry Hill Plantation

Cherry Hill, built in 1858, is the home of the Cherry Hill Historical Foundation and the venue for several classical music concerts each year. Concerts are open to the public for a nominal donation of $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per student, and children 12 and under are free. Concerts are held on Sunday afternoons in the spring and fall. Pianists, violinists, vocalists, and artists with other musical talents perform in the old world tradition of using private homes rather than concert halls. A magnificent concert grand graces the spacious entry hall and is the focal point for each performance. Refreshments are served following the event, and the artists visit with their audience in the dining room and parlors of the plantation house. A Handicap lift is provided in the back of the house for those who need to use it.

This historic property is located in the Inez community of Warren County, North Carolina, approximately 1 hour north of Raleigh.


Posted on: May 30th, 2021

The Cherry Hill concert series will resume its annual outstanding student concert on Sunday, June 6th at 3:00 PM.  Dr. Margaret Evans of Meredith College will present several of her most promising students in a program that features Chopin, Khachaturian, Liszt, Haydn, Bach, Von Weber, Handel, Scott Joplin, and other favorite composers. 

Students must be recommended by their teachers and/or professors before being invited to play at the Inez concert venue. This year the three pianists attend area high schools and have all been awarded highest honors in various festivals and competitions for the piano. 

Andrew Wood, 15, is a tenth grader at Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh. He also plays violin, guitar, and sings in choirs. Yeram Hahn is also a sophomore at Enloe. In addition to piano, she plays the violin in the Enloe orchestra. Trisha Samavedam, 11th grade, has been playing piano for the past ten years. Her repertoire ranges from Bach to Boulanger.  Dr. Evans is also presenting a young soprano, Rae Fredette.  Miss Fredette is a rising sophomore at New England Conservatory where she studies vocal performance. She will be accompanied by Susan Hoskins, a member of the faculty at Meredith College. Ms. Hoskins holds performance degrees from Meredith and UNC Greensboro and currently studies with Dr. Evans.

A reception will follow the performance, and the 1858 historic home will be open for touring. There will be no admission charged for this first concert since Covid restrictions were eased. Any persons who have not been vaccinated are urged to wear masks. 

For further information and driving directions, please call 252-257-5259.